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Admission to higher educational institution is one of the main stages in any person’s life. Good career building is almost impossible without it.
To succeed, a young specialist should have a solid foundation, containing good knowledge and skills. Education also contributes to development of the personality. While getting education the basic values and goals in person’s life are being formed. And of course the received education is better to be of a good quality.
The important point is to choose a good educational agent, the right university and the right country, getting education where will create the basis for further professional growth. Time To Get Education wants to draw your attention to admission to universities in Ukraine! There are plenty of positive sides in studying in Kiev, Vinnitsa, Lviv and other cities and TTGE wants to prove it to everybody who hesitates.

Why we recommend studying in Ukraine?

Because there are the next advantages:

  • Advanced educational level. The leading higher educational institutions have centuries’ history, strong teaching. Many of them are worldwide known. Education will not be chaotic. Each foreign applicant will be allocated to a students’ group, will have classes that he needs to visit, the curators among teachers.
  • Diplomas are recognized in the world. Our country has joined the Bologna Declaration in 2005 and has a standardized educational system with other 46 European participants, what increases international students’ and graduates’ mobility. They have an opportunity to continue their education, pass internship and get a job in EU, US etc. There is a simplified documents legalization process and recognition of the higher education qualifications in Europe.
  • Affordable studying fees. Tuition fees are much lower than in Europe, CIS, and North America. If an foreign applicant chooses the right educational institution and city studying in Ukraine becomes quite affordable.

Study in Ukraine!As an example, if young specialists are trained in Germany, where higher education is free, only food, hostel and public transportation cost them at least $ 13000 per year. And in countries with tuition fees international students pay additionally from $3000 to $10000 tuition fees in a year. In case of admission to universities in Ukraine applicants pay tuition fees yearly from $ 2,000. Plus food expenses – from $ 1,500, hostel fee – an average of $ 500, travel costs – about $ 300. Totally international students during studying in Ukraine spend from $ 4,300 per year what is almost three times less than in Germany studying free, and six times less than in Canada, where the one should pay an average of $9000 in a year. Since almost all over the world diplomas of our educational institutions are recognized, it will not make sense to pay three times more getting education in Germany or six times more – in Canada

It is especially interesting to be admitted to MBBS in Ukraine and other medical specialties. Fees are really low comparing to other European countries. Admission to universities is easy and clear with educational agent TTGE!

  • Simple admission procedure. It is not needed to pass exams or to be tested to get admission. Foreign applicants pass interview and the school graduate diploma’s rating is taken into account. Remember, TTGE Ukraine education consultants team accompanies our clients at every admission step, providing comprehensive advisory and answers to all questions and stays in touch with them throughout their studying.
  • Wide range of specialties. There are around 180 higher educational institutions, where all possible specializations are presented: MBBS, law, economics, engineering, linguistic, architecture and many others. Fill in our Apply now form and get the detailed information and start studying in Ukraine (MBBS, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Engineering, Aviation, Management, etc).
  • Different programs. There are different training programs for foreign applicants. School graduates get admission to universities in Ukraine to pass Bachelor’s course. People who already have higher education can continue studying at the Master’s or post-graduate course.
  • Studying in English language. Perspective students should not worry that the classes are conducted in the Ukrainian language. It is true that the majority of specialties are available only in local language but there are many English-language programs as well. For example, TTGE can propose studying of MBBS in Ukraine, as well as Dentistry, Pharmacy, Management, Engineering and Computer sciences in English.
  • Additional foreign language (Ukrainian, Russian). Not knowing the local language should not affect decision to start admission to universities in Ukraine. International students are usually surprised how quickly they learn common expressions and words, and very soon they feel like at home. The majority of educational institutions have preparatory departments for foreign applicants to receive knowledge of local language and basic subjects. Course lasts from 6 to 10 months and takes place at universities’ campuses. Also young specialists live among native speakers and have a possibility to practice every day.
  • Possibility to live at a hostel or rent a flat. After admission to universities in Ukraine international students are offered accommodations in a hostel on a very democratic cost. Also our clients have an opportunity to rent apartments which they like and where they can live alone. In hostels students have to share facilities. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, but still students can choose.
  • Experiences of living in a foreign community, new friends all over the world. Studying in Ukraine is an opportunity to learn to deal with different situations and get experience. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet new people and expand the social circle. Everybody comes alone and wants to make new friends. Universities that provide education to international students organize different events so that everyone can get acquainted. As a rule, after studying in Ukraine, friendships are maintained throughout the life. Getting education in Ukraine provides international students with new cultural perspectives that they could not get staying home. Being in the new environment helps them to become educated persons and improves their chances for a good job.
  • Tolerant and safe society. There are no racial conflicts, no religious oppression and no inter-ethnic confrontation here. Ukrainians are tolerant to foreigners and are known by their hospitality throughout the world. Events on the East of the country and the information war being waged by neighboring Russia really scare many international students interested in studying in Ukraine. However, this information is exaggerated, country’s territory is large and many quiet towns and quality, prestigious universities invite international students. TTGE advises to start admission to universities in Ukraine located in the western and central parts, as well as in Kiev. Studying in Ukraine is not more dangerous than anywhere else.
  • European standard of living. Our country is beautiful and developed. Mountains, rivers, lakes, sea make life healthy and active. The historical monuments, museums, theaters, sports facilities, different kinds of possible activities and hobbies – international students really enjoy living here!

Higher education receiving in Ukrainian universities has many advantages for young people and is valued by many employers, especially in international companies. It is obvious that it is a serious foundation for the future successful career.

How to make right choice and organize admission to universities in Ukraine?

 The first what you have seriously to think about and decide – which profession you want to have. While choosing a profession you need to consider your tastes, likes, mental abilities, interests, health and family income. Pay attention to MBBS in Ukraine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Management, Engineering. After taking a decision about profession it is time to choose among universities and start the admission procedure. And Time To Get Education is here to help and assist you with it! So, don’t loose your chance and apply now  to start admission to universities in Ukraine!

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