Attention! New specialties are opened at KIU – Nursing and Medicine!

The Medical Institute of KIU provides the training of specialists in the field of “Nursing” at the level of Bachelor degree and “Medicine” at the level of Master degree.

Bilingual education is a feature of the training of future specialists – students study medicine in Kiev International University in Ukrainian and in English!

Basic forms of educational process:
• lectures;
• seminars;
• practical classes (including at clinical bases);
• laboratory lessons;
• professionally oriented trainings.

Modern material and technical base:
• own premises with a total area of 30,748.4 square meters, equipped with specialized departments:
polyclinic reception; general medicine, physiology, pathological physiology (phantom class); traumatology, orthopedics; otorhinolaryngology and ophthalmology; laboratory of chemistry; Anatomy, Clinical Anatomy, Operative Surgery; Microbiology, Virology, Immunology; hygiene; Emergency; Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy; embryology; physical rehabilitation (interactive learning and technology).

Much attention is paid to the improvement of educational activities: the preparation of new training modules and courses; introduction of innovative educational technologies and modern forms of education (telemedicine technologies, conducting of interactive training seminars and short-term information cycles); development and improvement of multimedia facilities; the introduction into pedagogical practice of the principles of modern clinical education, evidence-based medicine, bioethics and clinical and economic standards for the most important medical and social nosologies in accordance with international experience.

Practical training is carried out both in the specialized offices of the University and in the clinical bases with which the cooperation agreements have been concluded.

Kiev International Medical University carries out training of nurses capable of diagnostic and treatment process, care and care of patients in medical institutions of various profiles, laboratory and instrumental studies and nurs-ing manipulations in accordance with the list of syndromes and symptoms of patients’ illnesses.

At Kyiv International University tuition fees are very affordable, hostel conditions are one of the best among capital universities! Fill application form at our site and you will get all details!

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