Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture

TTGE invites young people from all countries who dream to become architects, constructors to join Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture (KNUCA), which is known as the leading educational institution in Ukraine in the construction sphere. This fact waKiev National University of Construction and Architectures proved by many national and international ratings of Ukrainian universities in which KNUCA traditionally was the first. This university was created in 1930.

Its good reputation is based on the successful combination of many years’ traditions and implementation of new approaches of the university teachers to the educational process. Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture has formed a highly qualified teaching team. 16% from more than 750 teachers are Doctors of sciences and Professors, 55% – Candidates of Sciences. More than 60 university’s teachers are academicians.

Scientific research at the University departments is carried out by teachers and researchers actively. They harmoniously combine theoretical and applied research and as a result there were created the effective building structures; methods of calculation, technology, organization, management were improved. Among their achievements there is the development of resource-saving technologies, the establishment, improvement and maintenance of construction machinery, improvement of designing, engineering and project management with the help of computer technologies and, environmental protection.

Students at KNUCAKiev National University of Construction and Architecture is well-known in the world by its preparation of good civil engineers, talented architects. The university has close relations with the leading universities and organizations of USA, UK, European Union, CIS and other countries.

Many years of work and common projects with scientific centers not only in Ukraine but in other countries have contributed to the creation of 3 research institutes, 2 research complexes, 11 research laboratories at the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture. The university teaches specialists at 6 major departments, the preparatory department for foreign citizens, postgraduate department.

IClasses at KNUCAn total from the moment of its creation the university has prepared around 42000 engineers and architects. Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture began to teach international students from 1948. Since then, more than 6000 professionals from 82 countries have successfully graduated from the university. Today the forces of the team of Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture are directed to preparing of professionals who having excellent fundamental and special knowledge would be capable for independent creative work. The great number of buildings and various structures in Ukraine and in other countries have been designed and built by graduates of the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture.

Classroom at KNUCAStudying at the University gives the opportunity not only to contribute knowledge and achievements of professionals in the auditoriums but also to enjoy in the leisure and recreation center, to expand knowledge in the library, to strengthen health at the sports club. High-quality material and technical base also includes a center of information technology, computer classes and laboratories.

Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture (KNUCA) provides studying in the following areas:

  • Construction: (Civil Engineering; Construction of the city; Technology of constructions’ building, products and materials; Heating and ventilation; Facilities and Equipment for Water Supply and Sanitation);
  • Architecture (City planning; Architectural design);
  • Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management;
  • Mechanical Engineering: (Building, road machines and equipment).
  • Computer Sciences (Information Technology for Design; Process Controlling);
  • Arts;
  • Management of organizations;
  • Project Management.

The University admits international students who have completed studying at the secondary school and speak Ukrainian or Russian languages. Those applicants who wish to study but don’t know the languages of instruction can start from the preparatory department where they will study the language and basic subjects for the future specialty studying (including drawing for architecture). It lasts 1 year and after graduation students can continue studying the desired specialty.

The university provides the next degrees to students after passing its programs:

  • Architecture: Bachelor – 4 years; Master – 2 years;
  • Engineering: Bachelor – 4 years; Master – 1 year;
  • Post-graduate department – 3 years;
  • Preparatory department – 1 year.

After Master degree receiving students can continue their studying at the postgraduate department which lasts 3 years.

Admission to universities in Ukraine is possible 1 time in a year, lesson start on the 1st of September. Students must arrive before the 15th of November for the preparatory department admission.

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