Kyiv Medical University of UAFM

Time To Get Education invites students to study MBBS, dentistry, pharmacy in Kyiv and join the Kyiv Medical University of UAFM, which is a higher medical educational institution of a new type, founded in 1992. The university is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine at the IV level (the highest) and is licensed to provide educational services to students (including foreign citizens) – license series AB № 552628.

Kyiv Medical University of UAFM employs approximately 200 highly qualified teachers. Among them there are well-known scientists, doctors and candidates of sciences, who make researches to find scientific justification of effective methods in the both fields of medicine – classical and traditional. There were created complex interdepartmental research programs to study the mechanisms of action of the most effective means of herbal medicine and homeopathy.

The efforts of the teaching staff provide opportunities for successful students’ learning and effective forming of their professional medical and civil competences, skills in research, accumulation and creation of new knowledge, the capacity for self-development and self-improvement, professional growth and for improving their social status.

studentsFor today the number of university graduates is about 3,000 people. About 1800 people are students of the university for the moment, 15% of them are foreign students from 45 countries.

A special direction of the university efforts is an international activity. Diplomas of Kyiv Medical University are recognized by specialized medical councils in many countries, including the US, Canada, UK and others. The list and the volume of the studying program at the KMU meet the standards of medical education in the European Union, making diplomas nostrification passing easier to graduates.

Nowadays KMU cooperates with international institutions and maintains academic links with educational institutions in Poland, Great Britain, USA, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, Kazakhstan, Canada and others. The further development of international relations strategy is aimed to increasing of the university scientific potential, to strengthening of the international status of Ukraine, its peaceful policy and economic and social progress.

All the necessary conditions have been created for the training of students. The total area of ​​the premises where the educational process takes place is 12000m2. Fundamental (Theoretical) departments are located at university campuses. Clinical departments are located at the university premises as well as at the best medical institutions of Kyiv. In average more than 30 thousand patients are consulted and provided by qualified medical assistance per year by the university staff. The base clinical departments fully meet modern requirements.

In 2015, the University became a member of the project, organized by UNO and the Government of Japan. Under this project material and technical base of main departments has been updated. Thanks to the grant at the Faculty of Dentistry there has been established the Dentistry Center “University”, where thanks to the latest multimedia equipment a unique closed circle “science – education – practice” was organized.

dentistry clinic for studentsThanks to modern technology, students and interns can observe clinical activities of physicians in real time, sitting at their desks in the lecture hall or classrooms. Free preventive examinations are organized for students. The best dentistry graduates can work at Dentistry Center “University”. At the university there is a Library with more than 55 thousand books and reading rooms. Ukrainian as well as foreign students are accommodated at the university hostel. Rector office is located in the historical center of Kyiv.

The University provides a state diploma of higher medical education to its graduates. The structure of the medical university is:

  • Faculty of Medicine – specialty “Medicine”, qualification – medical doctor, period of training – 6 years.
  • Dental Faculty – specialty “Dentistry”, qualification – dentist, period of training – 5 years.
  • Faculty of Pharmacy – specialty “Pharmacy”, qualification – specialist, period of training – 5 years.

The preparatory department for foreigners is available.

Education at the University is carried out according to the curriculum and the state standard programs, but also include additional study subjects from the list “of alternative medicine.” These are such subjects as pharmacognosy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, chiropractic, reflexology and others. The university prepares professionals who can use in their practice the knowledge and skills of both classical and traditional medicine.

Postgraduate education, internship in 19 specialties, Masters degree, postgraduate and clinical residency are presented on a good level. Students of Dentistry Faculty can study at the university own clinic. Since 2005, the University is an official testing center of ETS (Educational Testing Services) exams TOEFL iBT i SAT.

campus KMUIn order to equip young doctors with the experiences of the world medicine, the university gives interns a unique opportunity – to study in Ukraine at the best private clinics.

Teaching is conducted in Ukrainian, Russian, English at the University, what gives great opportunities in the field of international cooperation.

Since 1st course, students have access to top achievements in medicine taking part in the programs of academic mobility, international conferences, through international research libraries. Starting from the 3rd year the best students are able to take a summer internship abroad.

The students’ scientific society, which includes over 700 students, successfully works. It is a self-governed student organization that coordinates the efforts of the students towards research of topical issues of medical science, scientific examination of the application of effective methods of alternative medicine. Considerable attention is paid to the organization of the university clubs, where each student can develop its talents. Basketball, football and other sports clubs, whose members won prizes of different competitions work at the university. Students have the opportunity to use the swimming pool, gym, what helps them in the development of personality and physical health.

Since the establishment of the KMU UAFM in 1992, the University has achieved high international standards of education and provides its students with exceptionally deep knowledge in medicine. It is confirmed by Ukrainian and foreign clinics which eagerly employ its graduates.

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