Medical education in Ukraine

General medicine (MBBS) is a very popular educational specialization among international applicants in Ukraine and is chosen by 31% of foreign youth, according to the report of the Ministry. It becomes the most favorite destination to come to get degree in medical sphere in Europe as young people are being taught at the high-quality level but on affordable, cheap price.
international students choose MBBS in UkraineEvery year, from July till November, around 4,500 persons come to study MBBS in Ukraine, the cheapest country to study medicine, also dentistry and pharmacy. Since 2002 the demand to study MBBS in Ukraine has been increasing as it is known and valued by really good teaching and affordable cost. Foreign applicants are attracted by versatility of education: six years they are taught general medicine and only then specialize. Teaching is conducted in English and Ukrainian languages during more than 25 years. Diplomas are valid and recognized by the majority of countries – USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination), MCI (Medical Council of India), MCC (Medical Council of Canada), PMDC (Pakistan Medical and Dental Council), PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board) in the UK, SCHS (Saudi Commission for Health Specialties), HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa) and give the right to practice with appropriate screening tests established in each country by the National Boards of Expertise. hospital in UkraineInfrastructure of medical universities in Ukraine – campuses, laboratories, hostels, are much better than in many state universities in Asia, Africa, etc; but still it is the cheapest place to study medicine. Local professors of medicine and doctors are excellently skilled and eagerly share their experience. Graduates who completed the course can return home and continue to work as licensed doctors. In Ukraine there are 12 medical universities of the highest accreditation level who teach foreign youth.

Reasons to study MBBS in Ukraine:

  1.  Recognition of the diplomas at graduates’ home countries:
    After graduation from the medical universities in Ukraine students can return home and work in the sphere of medicine as their qualifications are acknowledged by the World Health Organization (WHO). The higher education process is up to the level of Europe, USA, Australia, Canada is highly valued worldwide.
  2. Recognition of the degrees in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia:
    Ukraine prepares the best professionals in medicine, doctors and professors. Medical universities managed to organize high quality teaching process and give foreign students an opportunity to study medicine abroad cheap. It is very prestigious to study MBBS in Ukraine. After receiving of the medical degrees they can continue their career anywhere – Australia, Canada, Europe or USA, in countries which have a real lack of qualified doctors and provide excellent work conditions. Young doctors can practice as doctors-interns in the USA, Canada, after the USMLE, MCC tests and can get about US $ 50,000 a year in residency. The same conditions will be within a residence in the UK after passing of the planned test.
  3. Ukrainian diplomas give right to pass all medical screening tests in the world:
    Medical universities in Ukraine are governmental and are included in the “Catalogue of the world’s medical universities” by the World Health Organization (WHO). It means that after graduation it is possible to pass the national qualifying tests such as the MCC, USMLE, SCHS, PLAB, PMDC, MCI, HPCSA, etc.
  4. Graduates get world-class MD degree:
    Medical universities in Ukraine deserved an established good reputation in research activities and teaching and are constantly among the top universities in the governmental and private researches. After completing studying and passing the exams and tests of practical training, young specialists get the degree of “doctor of medicine” (MD) accepted worldwide.
  5. Simplified admission procedure:
    Applicants who start admission to study MBBS in Ukraine don’t pass exams. Grades in school diplomas are taken into account by the admission committee specially in such subjects as chemistry, biology and physics. International students just pass interview.
  6. Many high-quality hospitals for an internship:
    Medical universities in Ukraine have partners – public hospitals which are equipped up to the highest demands in order to treat patients. Therefore, our students practice in very good hospitals and clinics during the course.
  7. Good correlation of quality and costs an a possibility to study medicine abroad in English cheap:
    Universities are donated by the government a lot. That’s why higher education is accessible for many persons here. Studying MBBS in Ukraine is 10 times cheaper than in the United Kingdom or the United States. For example, in the USA the general medicine program’s tuition fee is about $ 180,000-190,000. The tuition fee of the similar course in any medical university in Ukraine is only $ 20,000 – 27,000. Everyday expenses, hostel fee, transportation are low what makes getting the desired profession affordable for many people.
  8. Interesting international environment:
    The attitude of local people towards foreign youth who come to get higher education is good. Medical universities in Ukraine become truly international as they teach students from about 80 countries. During studies people communicate, make friends and connections worldwide, they learn a lot of cultures what will be useful in the future.
  9. Vibrant students’ life:
    International students who study MBBS in Ukraine are actively involved in the universities students’ life. They are involved in participation in concerts, festivals, sport events, organization of parties, etc. Thanks to it foreign students get an opportunity to make connections and friends and develop important skills for their future life and professional careers. International students have free time, holidays and can travel, visit exhibitions, museums, theatres, cafes.
  10. 100% safety:
    Ukraine is a safe country in Europe with developed infrastructure, kind people and beautiful nature. The majority of cities are peaceful, socially stable, with good public safety. The government strictly controls the law execution and order. Universities care about international students, provide them with a safe teaching process and safe hostel living. Usually hostels are well secured and guards don’t allow to entre without showing appropriate documents. Also there are security measures within the studying campuses.

medicine in UkraineTTGE welcomes everybody and invites to study MBBS in Ukraine as well as Dentistry and Pharmacy at the next universities: