National Pirogov Memorial Medical University

To those applicants who plan to become good doctors, dentists TTGE recommends admission to NPMMU (National Pirogov Memorial Medical University) which was established in 1921 in Vinnitsa. It is considered to be a very good one in dentistry, medicine, pharmacy spheres and is very popular among foreign youth as well as among Ukrainians. National Pirogov Memorial Medical UniversityVinnitsa national medical university has  planned  a strategy of developing according to which its infrastructure, studying process, staff, level of teaching, scientific work, material resources and connections should meet the same demands as all world top educational institutions do. Along the years of existence there were organized modern pharmacy, dentistry and medicine faculties equipped and staffed with qualified professionals, faculty of postgraduate studying and the preparatory department at which international students can study Ukrainian or Russian languages and basic subjects for their main course. All young people are welcome to start admission to NPMMU to one from above mentioned departments!

National Pirogov Memorial Medical University recruited the biggest amount of teachers with highest scientific degrees among the Ukrainian educational institutions. The teaching team includes 640 persons. 88 Doctors of Sciences, 70 Professors.

NPMMU teaching staff National Pirogov Memorial Medical University is considered to be the basic for the Bologna Declaration implementation by the Order signed at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. As stated by it the needed teaching and material support was established at NPMMU.

Vinnitsa national medical university supports creative relations and collaborates with medical specialists and faculties of higher educational establishments in 19 foreign countries (University of Birmingham USA, Franklin Pierce College USA, University of Limozh France and others) as well as with medical university in Kiev. The signed agreements with these entities provide exchange of specialists, teachers and students, practicing, joint scientific research on urgent problems of medicine. Every year National Pirogov Memorial Medical University holds 15-20 scientific conferences and meetings. The clinical departments have close links and active cooperation with 27 pharmaceutical companies in other countries. The teachers participate in the realization of 60 international projects.

Studying at NPMMUSince 1961 NPMMU has been teaching international students. Various forms of preparation were provided to more than 5000 foreign applicants from 98 countries. TTGE can arrange our clients’ admission to NPMMU on the best professional level.

National Pirogov Memorial Medical University owns a perfect material, studying and methodological bases. There were created the modern information technologies, research and `diagnostic centers. Also clinics specialized in psychology and medicine, dental clinic included to the training and production complex were opened.

Vinnitsa national medical university possesses enough studying and administrative campuses, laboratories and classrooms. Laboratories, lecture halls have modern equipment. Specialized hospital centers where the clinical departments of NPMMU are located use in their work computerized diagnostic equipment as and laboratory equipment of known manufacturers. At the controlling and educational processes new computer technologies are widely used. There are 25 computer classes, 4 Internet network channels access to which is free.

International students at NPMMUThere are two academic campuses (24200 sq.m); campus for sports (2200 sq.m); lectures campus (680 sq.m); scientific center (1400 sq.m.), research and experimental clinic (1000 sq.m.), library (1400 meters). National Museum-estate of Pirogov is also the places for studying (840 sq m). Lecture halls contain 3300 places. They are renovated, have different projection staff what contributes to the appropriate level of the lectures. The clinical departments which are organized for practicing and training are placed at the clinics and hospitals in Vinnitsa, Khmelnytsky and Zhytomyr.

Also Vinnitsa national medical university possesses 5 hostels, 2 recreational and sports bases, stadium, 4 dining halls and students’ cafe. The library has over 500 thousand books and fully supplies all applicants with studying and scientific research literature.

Foreign applicants can get admission to NPMMU to the following faculties:

  • General Medicine – MBBS (6 years)
  • Pharmacy (5 years)
  • Dentistry (5 years)
  • Preparatory (1 year)
  • Post-graduate (2-4 years)

IStudents at NPMMUnternational students have an option to study in English or in Ukrainian language at Vinnitsa national medical university. If foreign applicants don’t speak the appropriate language of teaching or have low marks from school they may start from the preparatory faculty where they will study local language and basic subjects during 1 year and after graduation will join the 1st year of the chosen specialty.

In case international students want to prolong studying after the main course at NPMMU they may join the post-graduate studying in English language on the majority of specialties. There are 2 and 4 years programs. Also they can continue studying at Kiev medical institute.

The new studying year begins on the 1 of September and finishes at the end of June at Vinnitsa national medical university. For receiving admission to NPMMU to the 1st year of the desired specialty international students must arrive before the 1st of October, in case of arrival after this date they will be admitted to the preparatory group and will join the 1st course next year. So, TTGE recommends international students to contact us and start the admission to NPMMU in advance. Please, fill Apply now form now if you are interested to join National Pirogov Memorial Medical University or message us if you want to get more details.

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