National Technical University “Kiev Politechnic Institute”

TTGE invites you to study at the largest and the most famous university in Ukraine – National Technical University “Kiev Politechnic Institute”, which is one of the leading technical universities in Europe and in the world. National Technical University "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"Kiev Politechnic Institute was created in 1898 and had 4 faculties at that moment: mechanical, chemical, engineering and agricultural. The University has been working and developing for over 115 years.

For its status of the main educational and scientific center of the higher technical education in Ukraine, its integration into the world education system, NTU KPI is first of all obliged to its outstanding scientists and talented teachers, to their inspired work. The University has 20 academic faculties, 9 educational institutes, 13  scientific and research institutes and 14 research centers, staffed by 44 academicians and corresponding members of the Academies of Sciences, by about 2,500 of professors, associate professors and tutors.

Students at NTU KPINTU KPI is one of the most active initiators of the Ukrainian higher education system’s reforming. The university arranged its Diplomas Attachments to be of the European standard and many other issues according to the Bologna process.

Cooperation with the 100 of foreign partner universities is carried out according to the signed inter-university agreements. In particular, there were created: Ukrainian-German Faculty of Mechanical Engineering together with the Otto von Guericke University (Magdeburg, Germany);  the project of double diploma receiving together with the Technical University of Dresden; the project of the establishment of students’ microsatellite with the Middle-Eastern University (Turkey); Ukrainian-Chinese Center of High Technologies in collaboration with  Chzhedzyan University (Hangzhou); the laboratories with such companies as Siemens, Motorola, Festo, where targeted training of specialists is conducted.

NTU KPI studentsNowadays, the university teaches 40,000 students, among them about 1,400 international students from more than 50 countries, 500 post-graduate students, from them about 80 are foreign citizens. During its existence, the KPI has prepared more than 230 000 engineers.

Studying facilities at NTU KPICampuses of the University are located in the same area of 160 hectares, which organically combines premises for studying, for sport, for recreation and for personal hobbies of 50 000 of teachers and students. The university has swimming pools, sports facilities, 2 football fields, 20 students’ hostels, NTU KPI clinic, the scientific and technical library.

National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Politechnic Institute” (NTU KPI) provides teaching in the following areas:

Computer Science and Engineering Chemical technology and engineering.
 Information Security Physics and mathematics;
 Radio engineering and communication Publishing and printing business;
 Electronics and electrical engineering Aviation equipment;
 System sciences and cybernetics Humanitarian sciences;
 Atomization and control Economy and business;
 Biotechnology Management and administration;
 Energy and engineering Law;
 Engineering and material processing Social and Political Sciences;
 Metallurgy and Material science Journalism and information;
 Metrology, measuring equipment Arts;
Development of mineral resources Physical education, sports and health;

National Technical University of Ukraine except the traditional technical departments has new economic and humanitarian – management and marketing, sociology, law, linguistics departments. It gives an opportunity for young people to get higher education in humanitarian or economic field, to become a qualified translator or manager in technical sphere.

Studying campus NTU KPIThe main specialties are taught in Ukrainian, Russian, English languages. Studying at the National Technical University of Ukraine for international applicants starts from the preparatory department, where foreign students for 10 months learn Ukrainian, Russian languages, mathematics, physics, biology and other disciplines needed for the further continuing of the university’s program.

Students can obtain the following degrees at the university: Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, Doctor of Science.

All young people who are interested in NTU KPI and want to receive the Invitation letter should send to TTGE their documents

Admission to this university takes place one time per year. The studying year starts on the 1st of September. Applicants should arrive before this date. In case of joining the preparatory department students should arrive before the 15th of November. For arrival in time we recommend to fill Apply now form and start the admission procedure in advance. Contact us for more information: