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AttentionIf you are seriously interested in studying and admission to the university in Ukraine you need to know the most important issues connected to admission, arrival, border control passing and registration on which you should pay your attention.

TTGE shares this information with you and at the same time answers the most common questions which we receive from applicants. You need to know it!

Admission to universities in Ukraine:

  • In Ukraine the decision about admission of an international applicant is taken by the admission committee of the university on the basis of evaluation of his school certificates. The required level of marks depends on each university separately. The student must successfully graduate from school, be in the age limit settled by the university. Work experience, achievements, additional studying certificates are also taken into account.
  • After arrival of an applicant the admission committee of the university checks the originals of the presented before documents, checks if pointed before marks correspond them. If there is some discrepancy they can assign the interview to the applicant on the basic subjects for the chosen specialty for confirmation of his level of knowledge. If an applicant doesn’t answer basic questions or doesn’t speak and understand English language (in case it is the language of instruction), he will be offered to join the Preparatory department where he will have the possibility to improve his knowledge and join the desired course after it.
  • There are settled time limits of admission to the main specialty and to the preparatory department. They differ from the university to the university. Main specialty admission lasts from the 15th of July up to the 15th of November, but many universities stop it much earlier because of high demand from applicants. That’s why it is recommended to start admission procedure and visa receiving in advance and to arrive before the 1st of September. In case of arrival after admission to the main specialty is stopped the applicant will be proposed to join the preparatory department and join the main course the next year. TTGE recommends not to get upset if you appeared in such a situation but to get the best of it. During the preparatory department studying you will get a good possibility to learn well Ukrainian or Russian language – it will be very useful not only during your living in Ukraine (at least 5 years) but for your future life as well.

Arrival to the university in Ukraine:

  • In order to arrive in Ukraine and to be registered as students all international applicants must receive Invitation letter from the university where they plan to study. There is a sample of it established by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. TTGE issues Invitation letters in a minimum possible period and sends to the address pointed by an applicant in his home country by a reliable post, which delivers it right to his hands. Usually it takes around 8 working days for issuing and delivering of the document via TTGE. All issued official Invitation letters must be registered at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Confirmation of this registration is called Visa support letter and should be sent to the Embassy of Ukraine at the applicant’s country. The Consul will not accept documents for students’ visa receiving if Visa support letter did not reach the Embassy. TTGE not only arranges prompt registration of the Invitation letter at the Ministry but controls Visa support letter to be sent to the appropriate Embassy of Ukraine.
  • In order to arrive in Ukraine and to be registered as students international applicants from countries with which Ukraine has visa regime must receive the students’ visa to Ukraine (type D). We want to pay your attention that international applicants from countries with which Ukraine has signed an agreement on visa-free arrival and staying up to 90 days must as well apply and receive students’ visa (type D) which will allow them to be registered and stay in the country longer then 90 days. International applicants from countries with which Ukraine has signed an agreement on visa free regime: Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan – do not need to apply for students’ visa (type D), but must submit the original of the Invitation letter to the border control of Ukraine while entering the country as a confirmation of the purpose of visit to Ukraine.
  • In order to apply for the students’ visa (type D) an applicant must submit to the Embassy of Ukraine in his country Invitation letter and the list of officially certified documents (legalized: Ministry of Education + Ministry of Foreign Affairs + Embassy of Ukraine in your country or certified: the stamp of an Apostille + legalized by the Embassy of Ukraine). TTGE recommends to check the list of needed documents on the website of the Embassy of Ukraine in your country. These documents must be translated into Ukrainian – an applicant may do it at the Embassy of Ukraine if it is demanded for visa receiving or after arrival in Ukraine at local certified translation offices.

Border control passing in Ukraine:

  • In case of successful receiving of the students’ visa it is very important to inform your admission coordinator about it and supply him with its scan. Also it is a time to choose the flight for arrival in Ukraine and to book the ticket. We pay your attention that the date, the time, the airport of the student’s arrival should be confirmed with the admission coordinator and his approval should be got before the ticket is bought. It is very important as an applicant should be met at the airport by the representative of TTGE with appropriate documents for the border control. Not less important is that before your arrival the place at the hostel should be prepared, meeting at the airport should be planned. If the student arrives without informing and no one from TTGE meets him there is a high possibility that he will not be allowed to enter the country and will have to return home. Be responsible and supply information in time!
  • During the border control passing the officers of the Border Service of Ukraine may assign an interview for the student. In this case it is recommended not to worry, be polite and answer all questions as it is. You should know why you arrived in Ukraine, who meets you, where you will go (city, the university, address), what you will study and how long. The presence of TTGE representative at the airport is very important as he will confirm your words in this case.

Registration in Ukraine:

  • According to the requirements of the migration legislation of Ukraine all international students who live in Ukraine for the period of their studying should be registered in the Migration Service of Ukraine and should receive an official document about the temporary residence -“posvidka”. The information about actual place of residence in Ukraine must be pointed there. This document identifies an international student and confirms the legality of his staying in Ukraine. It should be presented during the migration and other checks. It is very important to follow the migration rules and to apply and to receive this document in time. Otherwise the student will have to leave the country even in case of successful admission to the university in Ukraine. TTGE organizes quick and prompt registration and arranges all necessary documents for it.
  • An official document about the temporary residence -“posvidka” is usually issued for the duration of the course to which a student has been admitted. But it may be decided to issue the document for a shorter period then the course lasts with the condition of its prolongation in case of successful studying of the student. If a student is admitted to the preparatory department the validity of “posvidka” will be one year, the same period as the preparatory department studying lasts.
  • It is a must for a student to have insurance from migration risks and medical insurance for the period of studying. Universities demand them, registration can’t be done without them. TTGE arranges insurances’ issuing.
  •  It is also important to know that the migration legislation of Ukraine does not allow the employment of foreign students during the studying period!

TTGE is ready to become your reliable and attentive partner in all matters connected to admission and studying in Ukraine! Apply to us and receive professional support in admission procedure!