The same as in many other European countries in Ukraine the procedure of nostrification of educational documents received abroad is fulfilled, based on the content of the Lisbon “Bologna Convention”. Those students who already got degree at the universities abroad or at their home country and are planning to continue  to study in Ukraine will need to undergo the procedure of nostrification of education documents and obtain relevant documents. Each country of the world has its own standards of education, that’s why usually foreign diplomas are checked on compliance with local standards. This procedure is common almost everywhere.

Nostrification of foreign educational documents is a procedure of recognition of the education received abroad at the same level in Ukraine (for example, MD degree received in other country is compared to MD degree in Ukraine).

In Ukraine, the foreign diploma nostrification can be executed exclusively by the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine, in Kiev.

What is the essence of verification of diplomas?

For confirmation of documents the following is checked:

  • which foreign university issued this diploma, the level of its accreditation;
  • whether the diploma was really issued (check for forged documents);
  • whether the studied subjects of the course meet the Ukrainian standards for this specialty and degree.

nostrificationConclusion on either complete or partial acceptance of foreign checked diplomas may be got from the experts. In case of partial acceptance students will be informed on subjects which they must pass additionally. After check the diploma (in the case of complete acceptance) will be registered in the Ministry of Education and Science database with the assignment of the state number guaranteeing the correspondence and recognition of checked diploma in Ukraine. Sometimes the Ministry refuses to recognize diplomas.

It is needed to understand that after the nostrification process students receive not Ukrainian diploma, but the certificate – a separate paper, confirming the compliance of students’ education to the level in Ukraine.

Nostrification procedure is complicated and multi-staged. Here are the main steps to be taken:

  1. Collect the required documents:

1.1. Students should legalize originals of educational documents (not only diploma, but also its attachment). Also documents on previous education may be required (if a student legalizes master’s degree, he may need to present his bachelor’s degree documents as well). All these documents need to be affixed with apostille;

1.2. Notarized copies of documents and their translation into Ukrainian;

1.3. Passport copy of a diploma owner;

1.4. Filled appliance form of the required standard;

1.5. Signed consent of a diploma owner to the personal data processing;

1.6. Students must pay for administrative services and attach a receipt to the package of documents.

1.7. Additionally to the above-mentioned students can also submit other documents that prove their education, knowledge, practical skills;

  1. Submit the package of documents to the Ministry of Education and Science. Documents are checked during the process in the notarized copies, the originals are returned after the presentation;
  2. Run the possible additional requirements, on which students will be informed in a written form. It may be a necessity to provide a comparative analysis of the curriculum of the studying program after which the diploma was gotten with the curriculum of the appropriate specialty studying in Ukraine. To do this, it is needed to contact universities in Ukraine, which provide teaching on the relevant levels and specialties.

We offer our services on nostrification of foreign educational documents in Ukraine!

As you seen, the recognition of diplomas is a rather responsible issue and its result depends largely on good knowledge of the procedure and all demands of the Ministry. Errors in preparation of documents often cause rejection of the application. To avoid failure, it is better to contact the experts. We suggest you the services of TTGE on nostrification! Our specialists will help to determine the necessary package of documents, fill in all the necessary forms and will present your documents to the committee at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. We not only supply the documents but also control over the process of their registration. If case of necessity TTGE will contact you if there is a need in additional information.

ATTENTION! International students have the right to pass the procedure of nostrification of their diplomas in any case, but the need for this procedure is determined by the requirements of the university, where they plan to continue studying. So, before starting the nostrification procedure, check with the university in admission to which you are interested, whether you must do it!

To start the nostrification procedure the next documents are needed:

  • Notarized power of attorney to TTGE employee giving right to represent a student and pass the procedure instead of him;
  • Signed application on the request of the nostrification procedure;
  • Educational documents originals (with an apostille or legalized according to the legal norms of the country where the document is issued);
  • Copies of educational documents on previous education;
  • Passport copy of the diploma’s owner;
  • Archive information from the foreign university where the diploma was received;
  • Individuals who have already received an invitation to study in Ukraine must provide a copy of it;

ATTENTION! Apostille must be affixed in the country of previous studying on the original educational documents.

For foreign diploma nostrification it is needed to present its attachment with the list of subjects, amount of hours, marks. There are cases when it is not needed to inform hours and subjects (for example, for nostrification of secondary school diploma). Also, in some countries, a diploma and its attachment are the same document.

Please, contact TTGE in any convenient way for you in order to pass nostrification of your diploma and study in Ukraine!