Each student who applied to TTGE for studying in one of the universities in Ukraine will receive detailed information and will be helped to choose the university which suits his demands the most. AFees for studying fter the choice is made the student will receive an agreement which mentions all our and student’s obligations, fees, conditions of admission and invoice for prepayment. The student should read the agreement carefully, sign each page, scan and send back to the admission coordinator. The agreement includes information about the payment for studying and admission to the chosen university in Ukraine which should be done by an applicant. It includes tuition fee for the 1st year of studying, hostel fee for the 1st year of studying, health and migration insurances for the 1st year, other governmental payments and expenses. Not included: visa applying expenses, plane ticket, feeding in Ukraine.

Payment should be done in 2 parts: prepayment and balance payment.

Prepayment mentioned in the agreement should be done after the student signed the agreement and sent it to the admission coordinator. There are 2 options how to make it:

  • Prepayment can be done via Western Union to the name of the student’s admission coordinator. This type of payment is good with its simplicity and quickness. The student should visit his bank’s branch and make transfer just mentioning the name of his admission coordinator (the student will receive scan of the passport), country – Ukraine, city – Kiev. The student will receive the code from the bank and should supply his admission coordinator with it for money receiving. The prepayment will be received the same day and we will start the process of issuing of the Invitation letter. This type of payment is recommended when the student has a lack of time for applying for visa and arriving in time.
  • Prepayment can be done as SWIFT payment to the account of our company. All our bank details needed for this payment will be mentioned in the student’s agreement and invoice. The student will need to visit his bank’s branch, give the copies of his signed agreement and invoice to the banker and the last will make all needed. The prepayment will reach our account in 4-5 working days.

As soon as we receive the prepayment our client will be informed about it and the admission process to the university in Ukraine will continue immediately.

Balance payment mentioned in the agreement should be done after arrival of the student, in Ukraine.

We want to underline that TTGE works in the sphere of education from 2011, our company is registered in the Ministry of Education of Ukraine as an Admission coordinator for international students, we represent the best universities in Ukraine (documents proving that can be presented on the demand of an applicant). We value our good reputation a lot, are honest and accurate in money matters and execute all our obligations to our clients in the best and the quickest possible way.

TTGE will be glad to assist in admission and studying at the university in Ukraine to everybody!

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