Steps of admission

In case you desire to get education and to become a qualified professional in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, law, IT, construction, management and many other spheres with not high expenditures you should be interested in the universities in Ukraine and should pay attention to the plenty of specialties proposed by TTGE.

Admission stepsIf you apply to TTGE the process of choosing the university and admission to it becomes well-organized, clear, assisted by your personal admission coordinator, who will answer all your questions and will support you after arrival as well.

Here are the steps you need to do for fulfilling your dream and becoming a student in Ukraine:

Step 1.

You should contact us and inform about your interest to study in Ukraine. Please, fill basic information about yourself in Apply now form or e-mail us

Step 2.

Your personal admission coordinator will promptly answer your application. He can ask some additional questions and after will offer you the best universities for studying the desired specialty with detailed fees list. He will answer all your questions and will help to make the best choice of the university.

Step 3.

When the university is chosen you should send scans of your documents (passport, school diploma with transcript, additional studying documents), they will undergo analyzing and if they correspond to the demands of the university you will receive Admission agreement, which describes TTGE and your obligations in detail and Invoice for prepayment.

Step 4.

You should read carefully Admission agreement, ask questions if something is not clear. Admission agreement should be signed, scanned and sent back. Prepayment should be done, scan of the receipt should be sent to your admission coordinator.

Step 5

TTGE will issue an official Invitation letter from the chosen university and Visa support letter from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on your name, which are necessary for the students visa receiving. Invitation letter will be sent to the pointed by you address by the post. The Visa support letter will be sent to the pointed by you Embassy of Ukraine where you plan to apply for visa.

Step 6.

After you receive the original of Invitation letter you should prepare all the rest documents for applying for the long-term students’ visa (type D) to the Embassy of Ukraine in your country. Your admission coordinator will inform you the needed documents as well as will prepare for the Consular interview. As soon as all documents are ready you should submit them to the Embassy.

Step 7.

After you got the visa stamped in your passport you should scan it and send to TTGE. Your should also plan the intended date of arrival in Ukraine and approve it with your admission coordinator – we need to organize your meeting in Ukraine and arrange transportation, escort to the university, place at the hostel.

Step 8.

And at last you are in Ukraine! Welcome! TTGE meets you, arranges your settlement, transportation, registration, medical checks, etc. and wishes you a successful studying!

And the most important! Your personal admission coordinator will accompany you at every stage of admission to the university in Ukraine, will provide comprehensive advice and answers to all your questions, as well as will communicate and support you during the first period in Ukraine.