System of higher education in Ukraine

Due to many years of developing and due to the passionate work of scientists, Ukraine has built a great national education system, what is proved by Ukrainian’s joining of the European and the world educational space, by the Bologna process.

Ukraine is a part of Europe

For today, the educational possibilities of Ukraine has allowed the country to become one of 10 leading countries in the sphere of international education, what is proved by the high interest of international students in receiving higher education in Ukraine. Ukrainian diplomas are widely acknowledged in the world, as well as the level of teaching is highly valued by foreign employers.

Preparation of professionals with higher education in Ukraine is carried out by about 180 higher educational institutions. There are the universities of the state and private ownership forms of the following types in Ukraine: universities, academies, institutes, conservatories (Academies of Music). University (Academy) can be granted the status of “National” in case it got outstanding achievements in research activities.

Education in Ukraine for international students is carried out by higher education institutions on the basis of licenses. The must condition for the licenses receiving is the university’s correspondence to the high standards established by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Higher education institution has the right to issue a Diploma on higher education only in accredited specialties. The specialty is considered to be accredited if the level of teaching in this area meets the state and European requirements.

Admission of foreign citizens to the universities in Ukraine is carried out based on interviews and on the consideration of the previous education documents. The requirements to the level of grades of foreign applicants are determined by each university separately.

All educational institutions can provide teaching for all types of training programs according to the Law of Ukraine “About Higher Education”. Education in Ukraine provides the following degrees:

  • Bachelor. The preparation of Bachelors is carried out on the basis of complete general secondary education. The duration of studying is 4 years. Graduates, who successfully pass the state exams, obtain Bachelor’s degree, which gives the right to work on studied profession and the right to be admitted to the program for Master’s degree receiving.
  • Master. Master’s degree studying is possible on the basis of Bachelor’s degree. The period of the course is 1-2 years. The graduates pass the state certification, which includes a public presentation of the Graduate Work.  Persons who successfully pass the state certification obtain Master’s degree, which gives the right to work on the profession and the right for post-graduate department admission;
  • PhD. PhD degree is a scientific degree received on finishing the post-graduate course. A person who has Masters qualification can be admitted to the postgraduate department of the university. PhD degree receiving involves a public presentation of the Dissertation. Duration of the studying course is 3-6 years;

Getting of all these educational and scientific degrees of higher education in Ukraine for international students involves obtaining of individual theoretical knowledge, skills and other competencies sufficient for new ideas generating, solving of complex tasks in professional or research activity.

Education in Ukraine for international studentsThe person who successfully completed the appropriate education (research) program and passed the certification gets the Diploma on higher education in Ukraine with the degree indication. An integral part of the Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees is the Attachment of the European standard.

In case the student received Bachelor or Master degrees not in Ukraine and wishes to continue his studying in one of the Ukrainian universities he must confirm his Diploma at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The process of confirmation is called Nostrification and includes full analyzing of the passed subjects, of the amount of hours of studying, of the University of studying. Afterwards the Ministry gives report that the level of education corresponds to the appropriate level of education in Ukraine for international students and the person can be admitted to the desired program. TTGE will assist and arrange Nostrification process for all who are interested. Don’t hesitate to contact us

Studying of international students is organized in Ukrainian or Russian, but there are plenty of English-language programs. International applicants who do not speak the language of instruction have the opportunity to start from the preparatory department of the university and learn one of these languages within 10-month training period. After the successful graduation from the preparatory department and receiving diploma about it they can join the main course of the desired specialty at the chosen university in Ukraine. During the preparatory department studying students can also gain knowledge on the basic subjects needed for the main specialty studying.

Education in UkraineStudying of international students at universities in Ukraine is carried out on a contract basis. Approximate cost of tuition and hostel fee ranges from $ 3500 to $ 8000 per year. The preparatory department tuition and hostel fee ranges from $ 2,000 to $ 4,000 per year. High quality education in Ukraine on an affordable price is possible for young people from all countries. Please, fill Apply now form or contact us if you want to be admitted to an Ukrainian university. We will help to chose, assist with admission and arrange everything on the best possible level!

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